Thomas Fairclough: Article 50 and the Royal Prerogative – UK Constitutional Law Association

Posted July 11th, 2016 in constitutional law, EC law, news, referendums, royal prerogative, treaties by sally

‘This piece seeks to address only one question: does Parliament or the Government have the power to decide to withdraw from the European Union in accordance with Article 50 TEU and through the notifying of the European Council of such a decision trigger the two year time limited formal withdrawal negotiations? Nick Barber, Tom Hickman, and Jeff King have argued valiantly that it will be Parliament who has to “pull the Article 50 trigger”. This piece will analyse their arguments and suggest that, contrary to their conclusions, it is the Government, under the Royal Prerogative, that has legal authority to start the Article 50 process.’

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UK Constitutional Law Association, 8th July 2016