‘NOWHERE FAST’ – In what circumstances might a bus driver be held liable to a passenger injured as a result of a fall on a bus? – Zenith PI Blog

‘Most personal injury practitioners will have had experience of dealing with a claim made by a passenger, injured as a result of falling whilst on a bus. Many such incidents result in relatively modest injuries. However, in some cases, particular those involving more elderly Claimants, quite significant and long-lasting injuries can be involved, and with associated ongoing claims for care and assistance. Given the multitude of CCTV cameras onboard such vehicles these days, Courts are often uncommonly well served in having before them good quality evidence of the occurrence and cause of the accident itself. Typically the cause is alleged to be the driver accelerating or braking more sharply than usual. In the latter case, the blame for emergency braking is often placed upon a third party vehicle; for example as a result of pulling out into the bus’ path.’

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Zenith PI Blog, 17th September 2014

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