Redacting for anonymisation: Article 8 v Article 10 in child protection context – Panopticon

Posted December 13th, 2012 in anonymity, data protection, freedom of information, human rights, news, privacy by sally

“Panopticon has reported recently on the ICO’s new Code of Practice on Anonymisation: see Rachel Kamm’s post here. That Code offers guidance for ensuring data protection-compliant disclosure in difficult cases such as those involving apparently anonymous statistics, and situations where someone with inside knowledge (or a ‘motivated intruder’) could identify someone referred to anonymously in a disclosed document. The Upper Tribunal in Information Commissioner v Magherafelt District Council [2012] UKUT 263 AAC grappled with those issues earlier this year in the context of disclosing a summarised schedule of disciplinary action.”

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Panopticon, 13th December 2012