Internet traffic data and debt collection: privacy implications – Panopticon

Posted December 6th, 2012 in data protection, EC law, internet, news, privacy by sally

“Mr Probst was a subscriber to the internet service provider (ISP) Verizon. He failed to pay his bill. A company called ‘nexnet’, the assignee of Verizon’s debt, sought to collect the sums due. In doing so, it obtained and used his internet traffic data in accordance with its ‘data protection and confidentiality agreement’ with Verizon. Disinclined to pay up, Mr Probst argued that nexnet had processed his personal data unlawfully and that the relevant terms of its agreement with Verizon purporting to sanction that processing were void. The first-instance German court agreed with him, but the appellate court did not.”

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Panopticon, 5th December 2012