Signed, executed and all that! – New Square Chambers

Posted January 24th, 2012 in appeals, documents, enfranchisement, leases, news by sally

“The decision of the Court of Appeal in Hilmi & Associates Ltd v 20 Pembridge Villas Freehold Ltd [2010] 1 WLR 2750 (CA) highlighted the strict requirements of s 36A of the Companies Act 1985 (and hence the similarly-worded ss 43-47 of the Companies Act 2006 now in force) about companies signing and executing documents. The decision concerns a claim for leasehold enfranchisement, but is of wider importance and is a reminder, assuming that any is required, that statutory notices are very much all or nothing.”

Full story (PDF) see p. 4

New Square Chambers, January 2012