#WithoutPrejudice Podcast 3: Libel – Hyperinjunctions – Lautsi v Italy – Expert immunity – Interns – Silk? – Charon QC

Posted April 7th, 2011 in defamation, expert witnesses, immunity, injunctions, podcasts, privacy by sally

“Welcome to the third episode of Without Prejudice: Tonight, I am afraid, I can’t tell you about our guest… in fact, the superinjunction is so harsh, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a guest… but…. I can tell you that David Allen Green and Carl Gardner are at the table…. waiting to discuss libel, privacy, hyperinjunctions, Rough Justice – Miscarriages of Justice, The Lautsi v Italy crucifix case, and we may even have time to discuss expert immunity from suit…and interns.”


Charon QC, 6th April 2011

Source: www.charonqc.wordpress.com

“Charon QC” is the blogging pseudonym of Mike Semple Piggot, editor of insitelaw newswire.