Toki v Ipourgos Ethnikis Pedias kai Thriskevmaton – WLR Daily

Posted April 11th, 2011 in EC law, examinations, freedom of movement, law reports by sally

Toki v Ipourgos Ethnikis Pedias kai Thriskevmaton (Case C-424/09); [2011] WLR (D) 128

“The mechanisms for the recognition of higher education diplomas pursuant to article 3(b) of Council Directive 89/48/EEC, as amended, were applicable where the profession at issue was a regulated professional activity within the meaning of the second sub-paragraph of article 1(d) of the Directive in the member state of origin, irrespective of whether the person concerned was or was not a full member of the professional association or organisation concerned. In order for professional experience to be taken into account for the purposes of recognition under article 3(b) certain specific conditions had to be satisfied.”

WLR Daily, 5th April 2011


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