Bundled feeds

What is a bundled feed?

All of the posts on the Current Awareness blog are indexed using a controlled vocabulary.

This means that users are able to filter what they receive by subscribing to individual category feeds. A full list of category feeds can be found here.

Since category feeds are designed to be quite specific we have decided to introduce bundled groups of feeds under broader subject areas.

We are treating this as an ongoing project and will be adding more groups of bundled feeds in the future.

Bundled feeds currently available

Environmental Law

Environmental Law RSS.

Environmental Law Email.

Family Law

Family Law RSS.

Family Law Email.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property RSS.

Intellectual Property Email.

Medical Law

Medical Law RSS.

Medical Law Email.

Additional material

Users should note that the following posts are not included in the bundles – Statutory Instruments, Command Papers and BAILII decisions. The reason for this is that these items are posted in list form and are not assigned individual subject categories. To receive these posts users will need to subscribe to these separately:

Law reports – www.innertemplelibrary.com/category/law-reports/feed/
Legislation – www.innertemplelibrary.com/category/legislation/feed/
Parliamentary papers – www.innertemplelibrary.com/category/parliamentary-papers/feed/


Users are reminded that the Current Awareness blog is selective not comprehensive. This means that if you subscribe to a bundled feed you will not necessarily receive material on a daily basis, only when there is new content within the categories concerned.