Standish – the Narrowing of ‘Matrimonialisation’ – Financial Remedies Journal

‘In L v L [2021] EWFC B83 His Honour Judge Booth (sitting as a judge of the High Court) stated at [26] he had been referred to the concept of “matrimonialisation” but it was “a word that I hope will not acquire common usage”. Although not a word in the Oxford English Dictionary, His Honour Judge Booth’s hope has not come to fruition. In Standish v Standish [2024] EWCA 567 Richard Todd KC (for the appellant wife) invited the court (at [71]) to “remove [the category of matrimonialised assets] from the lexicon of the law on financial remedies” and Timothy Bishop KC (for the respondent husband) suggested (at [93]) “the court might consider whether this concept merits being maintained at all”. However Moylan LJ (in a judgment with whom King and Phillips LJJs both agreed) stated at [161] the answer to “the question raised by both parties, namely whether the whole concept of matrimonialisation should no longer be applied”, was “it should continue to be applied”.’

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Financial Remedies Journal, 28th May 2024