Extremist Measures: The UK Government Further Obstructs the Right to Protest – Oxford Human Rights Hub

Posted April 11th, 2024 in demonstrations, freedom of expression, news, public order by sally

‘On March 1, UK Prime Minister Sunak delivered a divisive impromptu speech, much of which was spent demonising groups calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. He claimed that protests have been hijacked by Islamist extremists using “vile, antisemitic tropes” – a reference to the ambiguous phrase “from the river to the sea”– to create an unsafe and hateful atmosphere within the country. This rhetoric accompanies a sweeping government redefinition of extremism, which observers fear will be used to arbitrarily quash lawful dissent.’

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Oxford Human Rights Hub, 9th April 2024

Source: ohrh.law.ox.ac.uk