Winding Up Petitions – Balancing Supporting and Opposing Creditors – 33 Bedford Row

Posted August 6th, 2021 in bankruptcy, chambers articles, debts, insolvency, news, winding up by sally

‘Where a creditors’ winding up petition is presented and the petitioner seeks a winding up order under section 122(1)(f) of the Insolvency Act 1986, and the debtor/respondent company does not resist or its points of defence/opposition prove unmeritorious, the petitioner will be entitled to a winding up order as of right (in Latin, ex debito justitiae). However, this “as of right” entitlement only relates to the relationship between the petitioner and the debtor/respondent (‘debtor’). Where the debtor has only one creditor, i.e. the petitioning creditor, there will be no other, wider interests, to consider (leaving aside the rare intrusion of contributories’ interests). However, where the debtor has other creditors, those other creditors may wish[5] for their voices to be heard as to whether the Companies Court should, under section 125 of the Insolvency Act 1986: (i) make the winding up order; (ii) dismiss the petition; or (iii) make some other order, for instance, to adjourn/stay the winding up petition pending some other event (e.g. a vote on an creditors voluntary arrangement proposal).’

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33 Bedford Row, 1st August 2021