Reasonable Belief in Adverse Possession – 14 Years Later – Hardwicke Chambers

Posted November 23rd, 2017 in land registration, limitations, news, trespass by sally

‘The doctrine of adverse possession arises from the Limitation Act 1980. Section 15(1) provides that no action shall be brought by any person to recover any land after the expiration of 12 years from the date on which the right of action accrued. Sections 1-7 provide that at the expiration of the period of 12 years the title of the paper owner is extinguished. The claim of a person to a possessory title was therefore based on the negative effect of the extinguishment of the paper owner’s title, and the basic principle that what is required for a case in trespass is not ownership, but possession or a right to possession.’

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Hardwicke Chambers, 9th November 2017