Tobias Lock and Tom Gerald Daly: Brexit and the British Bill of Rights: Capturing Constitutional Complexity – UK Constitutional Law Association

Posted February 15th, 2017 in brexit, EC law, human rights, news, referendums by sally

‘Euroscepticism – usually framed as an argument from national sovereignty – was an important driving force behind Brexit, but also serves as a key motivator behind efforts to reform domestic human rights law. Calls to ‘scrap the Human Rights Act’ (HRA) and to replace it with a British Bill of Rights (BBR) are usually accompanied by calls to curtail the power of the European Court of Human Rights and to make British judges the ultimate arbiter in human rights matters (again). The connections between Brexit and human rights reform are not confined to these common ideological roots, however. Brexit has profound consequences for human rights reform in both substantive and procedural terms. These are the findings of a new research paper edited by the authors of this blog post and based on the proceedings of a workshop held at Edinburgh Law School in the autumn of last year.’

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UK Constitutional Law Association, 13th February 2017