Planning for the post-Brexit legal world – The Lawyer

Posted July 25th, 2016 in barristers, brexit, EC law, legal profession, news, referendums, solicitors by sally

‘On the morning of June 24th this year everything changed. Despite many predictions to the contrary, the people of Britain voted decisively to leave the European Union, and the political and economic landscape will never be the same again. Whether you voted leave or remain, whether you were aghast or euphoric, the only certainty was uncertainty. What will happen to the United Kingdom’s trade arrangements? What is the status of the City in a post-Brexit world? And after those big questions come a host of other, more knotty issues. What happens to passporting in financial services? What are the implications for employment law? What about data protection and intellectual property? How do you reshape your commercial contracts?’

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The Lawyer, 25th July 2016