Defining the Boundary Between European and National Law – Six Pump Court

Posted June 15th, 2016 in constitutional law, EC law, jurisdiction, news, ultra vires by sally

‘Increasing emphasis has recently been placed by Leave campaigners on the argument that Britain must leave the EU in order to get back control of its own affairs, and to avoid the uncertain future risks of EU interference. This argument gains a traction from the fear, which we consider unjustified, that there is no real boundary to the potential impact of EU laws and action. Therefore, there would be value in measures, if such were possible, which would define more clearly the boundary of EU law. In fact, two proposals which addressed that very boundary were announced by the Prime Minister in the Chatham House speech in November 2015, in which he set out his renegotiation programme. But no detail has subsequently been heard about such proposals, and they have largely been forgotten. If the subsequent silence is attributable to legal advice that the ideas are impossible, we disagree with such advice.’

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Six Pump Court, 13th June 2016