Reading the Riot Act: the future of riot damage compensation – Halsbury’s Law Exchange

Posted May 27th, 2016 in compensation, criminal damage, news, violent disorder by tracey

‘“If you carry on doing that I’ll read you the Riot Act!” So might a hapless parent or teacher plead to their unruly charges. But the real Riot Act 1714 (removed only in 1973 by the Statute Law (Repeals) Act of that year) meant business. For, if more than 12 people “unlawfully, riotously, and tumultuously assembled together”, it allowed a justice of the peace (or other specified local official) to command the assembly to disperse and within an hour “peaceably to depart to their habitations or to their lawful business”. If not they were liable to “suffer death” as felons.’

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Halsbury’s Law Exchange, 25th May 2016