Jury Service and the Price of Curiosity – Emma Fenelon – UK Human Rights Blog

Posted February 16th, 2016 in contempt of court, human rights, juries, Law Commission, news, reports by sally

‘Like the 179,000 or so people selected at random from the electoral register each year in England and Wales, in July 2011 Ms. Theodora Dallas was summoned to attend jury service. Along with other jurors summoned that day, she was shown a video about their service, and told by the court’s jury officer that internet research about anyone involved in the trial was not permitted. For good measure, the jury waiting room contained notices stating “You may also be in contempt of court if you use the internet to research details about any cases you hear along with any cases listed for trial at the Court…”. The notices made it clear that contempt of court was punishable by a fine or by imprisonment.’

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UK Human Rights Blog, 15th February 2016

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