When does a righteous campaign shade into harassment? – UK Human Rights Blog

Posted October 1st, 2014 in freedom of expression, harassment, human rights, injunctions, news by tracey

‘Merlin Entertainments LPC, Chessington World of Adventures Operations and others v Peter Cave [2014] EWHC 3036 (QB) 25 September 2014. This case explores the extent to which a campaign of criticism, conducted by internet and email, can merit restraint by the civil courts. As the judge says, whatever the aims of the campaign in question, its supporters may, in the course of their activities, annoy, irritate, and upset companies and individuals. But should the courts interfere, before the question whether the campaign is justified has been decided? And to what extent is such a campaign a criminal offence?’

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UK Human Rights Blog, 30th September 2014

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