Liz Fisher: The Proposal for a New Specialist Planning Chamber and the Framing of Administrative Law – UK Constitutional Law Group

Posted November 1st, 2013 in courts, environmental protection, judicial review, news, planning, tribunals by sally

“One of proposals in the Ministry of Justice’s paper on Judicial Review: Proposals for Further Reform is the creation of a new specialist planning chamber as part of the Upper Tribunal. While planning tends to be thought of as a niche area of public law (and a technically dense one at that) the way in which the paper frames discussion should give public lawyers pause for thought. This is particularly when planning judicial reviews have often been cited by government representatives as examples of why reform is needed to judicial review. The Further Reforms paper is no exception – the only two ‘case studies’ (albeit no case names) given in the paper are of judicial review of planning decisions (p 5 and 6).”

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UK Constitutional Law Group, 1st November 2013