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Posted July 17th, 2012 in education, news, special educational needs, tribunals by sally

“Academies are independent, non-fee-paying schools funded by the Secretary of State. For special educational needs (SEN) purposes, although Academies are deemed to be mainstream schools (see the Education Act 1996, s.316(4)(b)(iii)), they are not subject to the duties in relation to SEN that maintained schools (as defined in s.312(5)) are. That gap is, however, (at least partially) plugged by the terms of the Funding Agreement between the Secretary of State and the Academy Trust. Indeed, in relation to Academies created since the Academies Act 2010, s.1(7) of the 2010 Act requires the Funding Agreement to impose ‘SEN obligations’ (i.e. the obligations under Chapter 1 of Part IV of the 1996 Act) on the Academy.”

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Education Law Blog, 11th July 2012