Former pro-paedophilia campaigner jailed – Reuters

Posted August 14th, 2007 in child abuse, news, pornography by sally

“A former member of a group that promoted sex with children was jailed on Monday for child pornography offences, police said.”

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Reuters, 13th August 2007


Langham found guilty on child porn charges – The Guardian

Posted August 2nd, 2007 in news, pornography by sally

“The actor and writer Chris Langham was today found guilty of possessing child pornography but cleared of having sex with an underage female fan.”

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The Guardian, 2nd August 2007


New law will criminalise possession of extreme porn –

Posted July 2nd, 2007 in news, pornography by michael

“The Government has published a new law which will criminalise extreme pornography. The Government first indicated that it would criminalise the possession of violent pornography two years ago.”

Full story, 2nd July 2007


Legal wrangles over porn billing software – The Guardian

Posted May 31st, 2007 in consumer protection, news, pornography by sally

“MBS’s popups seeking payment for access to websites have caused concern, but it could be you breaking the law, not them.” 

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The Guardian, 31st May 2007


Secret list of porn judges ‘does exist’ – The Times

Posted May 17th, 2007 in judges, news, pornography by sally

“The Lord Chancellor has been forced to disclose that he holds a list of judges disciplined for misuse of their computers, including viewing pornography.”

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The Times, 17th May 2007


Open Wi-Fi proves no defence in child porn case –

Posted April 25th, 2007 in computer crime, news, pornography by sally

“A man has been found guilty of possessing child pornography despite arguing that his open wireless internet network meant that the case against him could not be proved.”

Full story, 25th April 2007