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Posted November 12th, 2021 in electronic mail, homelessness, housing, judicial review, London, news by tracey

‘Ms Bereket applied to LBWF for homelessness assistance. The authority accepted that it owed her a duty and offered her temporary accommodation in Luton. She rejected the offer as it was too far from her friends and family. The local authority explained why the property was suitable and gave a deadline for acceptance. Ms Bereket refused it again for the same reasons. The authority then decided that their duties had been discharged. She was told of her right to a review and, in a subsequent telephone call, was told the email address to use in order to request a review. She duly wrote to that address. Her email did not refer to any review but explained why the property was not suitable by reference to her need to stay in the local area (including, now, that her son had started school). The LA decided this was not a request for a review and she sought judicial review. The issue, therefore, was whether there had been a request for a review.’

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Nearly Legal, 11th November 2021