No fault divorce – why lawyers like me hope new law can end the bitter blame game – Family Law

Posted October 2nd, 2020 in bills, divorce, families, family courts, legal profession, news, solicitors by tracey

‘As a divorce lawyer, it is important to remember that you are the ultimate distress purchase. No-one starts their marriage thinking it will end in divorce. If the sad day does come when a marriage fails, emotions can run high. Parties can be quick to blame each other for the breakdown. They may think that in placing the blame at the door of the other spouse, they may achieve a better financial outcome, or more time with the kids. You may think “so far, so good” for divorce lawyers. Surely they will benefit from a “War of the Roses” style divorce battle with each party playing the blame game? After all, we all know the good Yorkshire saying: “Where there’s muck, there’s brass”.’

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Family Law, 30th September 2020