Cohabiting with a partner: protecting assets – Family Law

Posted September 12th, 2019 in cohabitation, mortgages, news by tracey

‘Press reports of Boris Johnson and his partner arguing days before moving into No. 10 together has raised questions about the longevity of their cohabitation. However, with the number of cohabiting couples continuing to increase, how can lawyers advise those who choose to move in together protect their assets in the case of a breakup? Carrie Symonds is the first ‘unmarried’ PM partner to reside at Downing Street – confirmation, if we needed it, that couples choosing to simply cohabit (rather than marry before living together) is becoming the norm. Marriage is no longer the main priority for every couple, with many considering living together, commitment enough. As well as cohabiting being deemed as more socially acceptable than ever before, it has practical appeal too. For many, allowing the financial responsibility of owning and running a household to be shared can make a lot of sense, until a relationship breakdown.’

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Family Law, 12th September 2019