Gym Use and Changing Rooms: the illegality and chilling effect of (trans)gender segregation – Oxford Human Rights Hub

Posted March 28th, 2019 in gender, news, sport, transgender persons by sally

‘A recent, high-profile article published on HuffPost claimed that the popular leisure group – David Lloyd Leisure – had decided to exclude all trans persons from their preferred gender segregated facilities unless they could produce a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC). Given that only 4,500 GRCs have been issued (and that GRCs are not available to trans minors), this policy potentially prohibited the overwhelming majority of trans persons from using DLL services. The group has since denied any change in its policy and insisted it welcomes trans customers. Yet, the incident raises an important question for human rights lawyers (particularly at this transformative moment for trans rights in the UK): can a blanket exclusion on trans individuals accessing preferred segregated spaces comply with domestic equality laws?’

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Oxford Human Rights Hub, 28th March 2019