The Employment Rights of Uber Drivers: A Battle Won, the War Goes On – Oxford Human Rights Hub

Posted January 16th, 2019 in contract of employment, holidays, minimum wage, news, self-employment, taxis by sally

‘The judgment of the English Court of Appeal in Uber B.V. & others v Aslam & others (Case No: A2/2017/3467; 19 December 2018) has been hailed as a victory for workers. Uber’s business model, in common with many digital platforms, depends on classifying its drivers as independent contractors, who do not enjoy the rights of “employees” or “workers”. In essence, the majority of the Court endorsed the finding of the Employment Tribunal (ET) that these contractual provisions “do not correspond with the practical reality” and that the notion of Uber in London as “a mosaic of 30,000 small businesses linked by a common ‘platform’ is to our minds faintly ridiculous.”’

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Oxford Human Rights Hub, 14th January 2019