Covert recordings: what should family lawyers advise? – Family Law

Posted November 7th, 2017 in evidence, family courts, news, privacy by tracey

‘Covert recording is no longer limited to the realms of spies and detectives. With advancements in technology anyone can takeout their phone and record without anyone else knowing. The technology (including spy ware) is readily available and relatively inexpensive so it’s inevitable that people will seek to use it. It is now the case that practitioners are frequently seeing covert recordings arise in the context of family proceedings which involve the recording of family members, children and professionals. This may be a result of what is perceived to be a growing mind set of distrust in the competency of the family justice system and professionals working within it or because individuals are simply hoping to bolster their case with the footage they have obtained.’

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Family Law, 6th November 2017