Drug driving: how has new legislation been working? – Halsbury’s Law Exchange

Posted September 6th, 2016 in dangerous driving, drug abuse, fines, medicines, news, sentencing, statistics by sally

‘In March 2015 new legislation was introduced to specifically tackle drug driving. Prior to that date it had been an offence to drive a vehicle whilst unfit to do so through drink or drugs and this offence remains. Whilst this offence still remains the prosecution would need to prove that driving was impaired. The new legislation made it an offence to drive with eight prescription medications above a prescribed limit and with eight illegal substances. In order to assist police in implementing this offence “drugalysers” were also introduced making it possible for police to test for cocaine and cannabis at the road side using a saliva test. The detection of all other substances requires a blood sample to be taken.’

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Halsbury’s Law Exchange, 5th September 2016

Source: www.halsburyslawexchange.co.uk