Abuse Of Process In Historical Cases: A Thing Of The Past? – Crimeline

Posted August 4th, 2016 in abuse of process, disclosure, evidence, news, reports by Mark L

‘In May this year the Public Accounts Committee published a report titled the ‘Efficiency in the Criminal Justice System.’ The conclusions are unsurprising for those with any experience of the system; it is at breaking point. In the current climate it seems the courts will do everything in their power to ensure cases proceed often in spite of significant delay. Due to their nature, historical cases can often be besieged with disclosure problems, and while delay can be due to legitimate and understandable reasons it is also true that historical cases can face unjustifiably delay. The question which must be asked is, when a case suffers from both delay and disclosure issues can a defendant have a fair trial at all?.’

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Crimeline, 3rd August 2016

Source: www.crimeline.info