Littlewood v Powys County Council – WLR Daily

Posted July 30th, 2015 in estate agents, law reports, local government, regulations by sally

Littlewood v Powys County Council [2015] EWHC 2125 (Admin); [2015] WLR (D) 336

‘For the purposes of Schedule 2 to the Estate Agents Act 1979, where the making of an order under section 3 of the Act prohibiting an unfit person from acting as an estate agent had been delegated to an adjudicator, it was that adjudicator who personally had to hear oral representations from the person affected. The local authority’s proposed procedure whereby the adjudicator, who was the actual decision-maker, only received an audio recording and verbatim transcript of the proceedings before an investigator did not comply with the requirements of the 1979 Act and was unlawful.’

WLR Daily, 23rd July 2015