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Posted January 27th, 2015 in appeals, housing, local government, news, time limits by sally

‘In R(Hillsden) v Epping Forest DC [2015] EWHC 98 (Admin), McCloskey J held the council’s allocation scheme valid in circumstances which, I must say, did not seem propitious to the council. The council’s new allocation scheme, which came in to force in September 2013, had a qualification criterion which required applicants to have a continuous residence for three years and, for those already registered, to have two and a half years. It was argued by the council that there was no “exceptional circumstances” get-out clause, because, apparently, the council “wanted clear rules that left no room for doubt about whether an individual qualified in the first place”. Now, like Ms Hillsden’s counsel (Jan Luba and Bethan Harris), I would have said that whole criterion was a real problem – indeed, our past notes on this precise issue have argued this too. So, fair play to Epping – how did they win? Will it survive an appeal?’

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NearlyLegal, 24th January 2015

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