Zero Hours Contracts – No. 5 Chambers

Posted November 27th, 2014 in contract of employment, employment, news by sally

‘A zero hours contract is not a term of legal art although a definition has been attempted in the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill which proposes to insert as S.27A of the Employment Rights Act 1996:
(1) In this section “zero hours contract” means a contract of employment or other worker’s contact under which –
(a) The undertaking to do or perform work is an undertaking to do so conditionally on the employer making work or services available to the worker, and
(b) There is no certainty that any such work or services will be made available to the worker.
(2) For this purpose, an employer makes work or services available to a worker if the employer requests or requires the worker to do the work or perform the services.’

Full story (PDF)

No. 5 Chambers, 14th November 2014