Food for thought: is an unauthorised photo of your restaurant meal an IP breach? – Legal Week

Posted February 19th, 2014 in consent, food, intellectual property, internet, misrepresentation, news, photography by sally

‘I do it. My friends do it. And I suspect that you’ve occasionally done it. It is what is colloquially referred to as ‘food porn’ – the salivating over restaurant menus online in preparation for a meal and then, depending on your social media connectedness, the Instagram shot of what you are about to devour.

One would think the broadcasting of delicious delicacies by diners would be welcomed by chefs and restaurateurs as free advertising of their wares. Not so. France TV Info reports that Gilles Goujon, who operates a three-starred restaurant called L’Auberge du vieux Puits in the south of France declares that such activities are not only poor etiquette (fair enough) but, when his dishes appear online, it takes away “a little bit of my intellectual property”. The BBC reports that another chef in La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil in the north of France has also inserted a ‘no camera’ provision on his menus.’

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Legal Week, 18th February 2014