Last chance to comment on OFT consultation on online games – Technology Law Update

Posted November 5th, 2013 in consultations, consumer protection, internet, news, undue influence by sally

“The OFT recently published a consultation paper on its proposed eight new sector-wide principles in relation to online and app-based games. Whilst the principles will not be legally binding, they make clear the OFT’s views on businesses’ obligations under consumer protection law. The principles were proposed following the results of the OFT’s investigation in April 2013 which highlighted concerns about pressure put on children to make in-game purchases because of pressure to do so within the games. It was found that, in some games, parents were unwittingly incurring large bills due to their children being misled by aggressive practices which exploited their inexperience and vulnerability (for example, by implying that other players or characters within a game were reliant on the consumer paying for something). The OFT considered that these types of practices may amount to undue influence.”

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Technology Law Update, 5th November 2013