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Posted November 5th, 2013 in children, consent, medical treatment, news, vaccination by sally

“This was the father’s application for a declaration and a specific issue order for his daughters to have the MMR vaccine. The girls are now aged 15 years (L) and 11 years (M) respectively. The parents were married but are now divorced. During the marriage, the parties agreed they would not consent to either of the children having the MMR vaccine. Judgment was handed down by Theis J in private on 5th September 2013, but was released on 12th October 2013. Theis, J. made a declaration that,

‘It is in the interests of both L and M to receive the MMR vaccination and that they should do so before 11 October 2013 on a date to be arranged by the parents together with the GP’.”

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Barristers’ Hub, 4th November 2013

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