Permission to amend after expiry of time limits – and an unfair hearing – UK Human Rights Blog

Posted July 19th, 2013 in amendments, appeals, civil procedure rules, news, planning, time limits by sally

“There is a curious if not bizarre set of anomalies about planning and environmental challenges. Where they involve an attack on a decision by the Secretary of State (typically in respect of a decision by a planning inspector after inquiry), the route is via section 288 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990. There is a strict 6 week time limit, with no discretion to extend – but no need for permission to apply as in judicial review. But where there is a challenge to any other decision, the time limit (at the moment) is 3 months, with discretion to extend – but also a discretion to disallow if the application was not ‘prompt’ even within the 3 months (see my post on this last point) and the permission hurdle to clear.”

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UK Human Rights Blog, 18th July 2013