Legal Process as a Tool to Rewrite History – Law, Politics and History – Gresham College Lecture

Posted February 14th, 2013 in international courts, international relations, news, war, war crimes by sally

“Trials at the ICTY concerned political violence and criminality that resulted from disintegration of a federation from which seven new successors states were formed. That process has been defined as a ‘clash of state projects’, where violence happened in areas claimed by two or more parties, or an aspiring state. The war crimes trials at the ICTY that resulted from overlapping territorial claims in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo produced a huge record of trial evidence. Problems in the very small state of Kosovo may be seen as the beginning of the violent process of disintegration, now known loosely as the Balkan wars of the 1990s. The conflict in Kosovo of 1998-9 may be seen as the end of those wars. Kosovo now seeks global recognition as an independent state but faces opposition both as to its international legal entitlements and as to how its history in the conflict should be viewed.”


Lecture by Professor Sir Geoffrey Nice QC

Gresham College, 13th February 2013