Regina v Faraz – WLR Daily

Posted January 7th, 2013 in admissibility, appeals, evidence, incitement, law reports, terrorism by sally

Regina v Faraz [2012] EWCA Crim 2820; [2013] WLR (D) 1

“Where a defendant was charged with disseminating terrorist publications via a bookshop and associated website which he managed, evidence that named terrorist offenders had possessed similar material was only admissible, if at all, for the very limited purpose of demonstrating that among the readership of the bookshop and website’s publications were people who were prepared to commit terrorist acts. But if the evidence was admitted for that purpose, it was relevant only to the question whether such people were likely to regard the contents of the publication as encouragement to commit terrorist acts. It was not admissible in proof of the fact that people had been so encouraged. It was essential that the judge direct the jury as to the limitations and pitfalls of such evidence.”

WLR Daily, 21st December 2012