The inherent jurisdiction: where are we now? – Thirty Nine Essex Street

Posted December 4th, 2012 in jurisdiction, mental health, news by sally

“That very significant vestiges of the High Court’s inherent jurisdiction to grant declaratory and injunctive relief have survived the implementation of the MCA 2005 is now clear. However, what is very much less clear is precisely: (1) how far the inherent jurisdiction has survived; and (2) how the High Court can or should exercise its powers under the inherent jurisdiction in respect of those who can only be afforded protection by way of its exercise. Cases decided since the beginning of the year have perhaps made the answers less rather than more clear, and this note seeks to draw together some of the threads, as much to provoke discussion as to offer solutions. It concludes with a brief discussion of the prospects for statutory reform in the area in the shape of the draft Care and Support Bill.”

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Thirty Nine Essex Street, December 2012