Ziebell v Land Baden-Württemberg (Case C-371/08) – WLR Daily

Posted December 14th, 2011 in citizenship, drug offences, EC law, law reports by sally

Ziebell v Land Baden-Württemberg (Case C-371/08); [2011] WLR (D) 358

“Protection against expulsion conferred by article 14(1) of EEC-Turkey Association Council Decision No 1/80 did not have the same scope as that conferred on citizens of the Union pursuant to article 28(3)(a) of Parliament and Council Directive 2004/38/EC with the result that the scheme of protection against expulsion enjoyed by the latter could not be applied mutatis mutandis to Turkish nationals for the purpose of determining the meaning and scope of article 14(1) of Decision No 1/80.”

WLR Daily, 8th December 2011

Source: www.iclr.co.uk