Independent schools can decide charitable status, says Tribunal – UK Human Rights Blog

Posted October 18th, 2011 in charities, Charity Commission, education, judgments, news by sally

” It is not for the Charity Commission or the courts to impose on trustees of a school their own idea of what is for the ‘public benefit’ so as to qualify for charitable status, the Upper Tribunal has ruled. In a detailed assessment of the law on charitable status both before and after the Charities Act, the Tribunal has indicated that the Act has not introduced any legal requirement to act in a way prescribed by the Charity Commission or anyone else. Provided they run their charity to ensure that the poor are able to benefit in a way that is more than minimal or tokenistic, they should be free to make their own considered assessment of what is for the ‘public benefit’ in the circumstances pertaining to their own institution.”

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UK Human Rights Blog, 18th October 2011