Chiniah v. Director General of the Mauritius Revenue Authority – WLR Daily

Posted April 20th, 2007 in company directors, income tax, law reports by sally

Chiniah v. Director General of the Mauritius Revenue Authority 

“A court could take into account a director’s dominant shareholding of a company in determining whether, under the law of Mauritius, he was a ‘principal officer’ of that company so as to be personally liable for income tax owed by the company.The Privy Council so held in dismissing an appeal by Jayram Chiniah from the order of the Court of Civil Appeal of Mauritius (YKJ Yeung Sik Yuen ACJ and P Lam Shang Leen J) affirming the decision of the Supreme Court of Mauritius to dismiss his notice of motion for erasure of an inscription of privilege in the sum of Rs 6.9m over his property, taken under the authority of the Income Tax Act 1995, in respect of income tax for the years 1991–92 to 1994–95 due by a company, Chiniah & Sons Ltd of which he was, until 17 April 1996, a director.”

WLR Daily, 17th April 2007


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