Brian Christopher Jones: Nigel Farage and the UK Constitution – UK Constitutional Law Association

Posted February 5th, 2024 in brexit, constitutional law, news by sally

‘The upheaval of the UK constitution from 2016 onwards has been associated with a host of individuals, from David Cameron to Boris Johnson to Dominic Cummings, who have received the significant bulk of academic attention in recent years. And yet, another individual has had a substantial impact upon the UK constitution during this time: Nigel Farage. But his impact has not been as direct as other constitutional actors, and has often been scorned, sidelined, or generally undocumented. I can find only passing mentions of Farage on this blog, in addition to other major blogs on the UK constitution. Most of the articles mentioning him do so fleetingly, casting him in a negative light in relation to populism and his influence on Brexit (although some take a slightly more nuanced look). And yet, controversial though he is, Mr Farage deserves more attention. Although it may be easy to discount Farage as a fringe politician that has never held domestic political office, some of the issues and challenges his involvement in politics has brought forward go to the heart of the UK’s constitutional system.’

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UK Constitutional Law Association, February 2024