Mirchandani– some good news for Private Prosecutors – 2 Hare Court

Posted October 27th, 2020 in confiscation, costs, news, private prosecutions by sally

‘It is well established that private prosecutors may pursue confiscation proceedings in the Crown Court and that confiscation proceedings, as part of the sentencing process, are properly classified as part of the criminal proceedings. As such, if successful, a private prosecutor can expect to recover from central funds costs incurred in such proceedings, under s.17 of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985, which, as amended, provides that a court may award such costs in “any” proceedings “in respect of an indictable offence”; and, in any proceedings before a Divisional Court of the QBD or the Supreme Court “in respect of a summary offence”.’

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2 Hare Court, 13th October 2020

Source: www.2harecourt.com