Collateral waiver of privilege (Holyoake and another v Candy and others) – Hardwicke Chambers

Posted December 8th, 2017 in disclosure, evidence, news, privilege by sally

‘Dispute Resolution analysis: When is it appropriate to waive privilege during the course of civil proceedings, and what are the risks if you do? These questions regularly create difficulties for litigators, and a variant of them arose during the trial of Holyoake v Candy. Roger Stewart QC, of 4 New Square, Richard Fowler, of Maitland Chambers, and John Beresford, of Hardwicke Chambers, who appeared for the claimants, examine the issues and say being able to advise with reasonable assurance as to the scope of any collateral waiver will be key to the decision on whether privilege ought to be intentionally waived.’

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Hardwicke Chambers, 5th December 2017