Financial Orders – The Sole Trustee Problem – Tanfield Chambers

Posted July 28th, 2015 in divorce, financial provision, matrimonial home, news, trusts by sally

‘When the court makes or approves a financial order, there is often not enough money in the matrimonial pot to house both parties and any children in owner-occupied accommodation. An outright transfer to one of the parties of what may be the only significant asset may be quite unfair to the other party (as in Clutton v Clutton – [1991] 1 All ER 340 (CA)). An immediate sale of the matrimonial home could be futile, in that both parties may have to move into rented accommodation, with geographical consequences including potential disruption to any children’s education. The parties each, of course need to take tax advice to ensure that liabilities for e.g. CGT (upon transfer / sale) and Inheritance Tax (upon creation of the trust and every ten-year anniversary thereof).’

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Tanfield Chambers, 18th June 2015