Regina v Hughes – WLR Daily

Regina v Hughes [2013] UKSC 56; [2013] WLR (D) 324

“When a defendant who was uninsured, unlicensed or disqualified was driving his vehicle on a road and it was involved in a collision which resulted in the death of another person, the defendant could not be found guilty of the offence under section 3ZB of the Road Traffic Act 1988, as inserted, of causing the death by driving while committing such offences unless the prosecution proved that there had been some act or omission in the defendant’s driving which amounted to fault his part and which had contributed to the death. If the defendant’s driving had been faultless he could not be found guilty of the offence merely because his vehicle was on the road and was involved in a fatal accident when he was driving without insurance or a driving licence.”

WLR Daily, 31st July 2013