Statutory Wills Update – Thirty Nine Essex Street

Posted June 4th, 2013 in Court of Protection, mental health, news, wills by sally

“This paper addresses the exercise by the Court of Protection of its power under s.18(1)(i) Mental Capacity Act 2005 (‘MCA 2005’) to execute a will for P where P is incapable of making a valid will for him or herself. Such so-called statutory wills (although the phrase does not in fact appear in the MCA 2005) are a very powerful tool that the Court can deploy to protect P and, in particular, P’s estate. Having set the statutory scene, this paper address two key aspects of the Court’s jurisdiction in this regard: (1) the assessment of P’s best interests; and (2) the assessment of P’s testamentary capacity (and, linked, how this assessment relates to the assessment that is undertaken outside the Court’s jurisdiction).”

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Thirty Nine Essex Street, May 2013