‘I’m sure that’s him’: Considering the Rules of Recognition Evidence – One Inner Temple Lane

Posted April 23rd, 2013 in closed circuit television, evidence, news, witnesses by sally

“Given the prevalence of CCTV cameras, it is perhaps of little surprise that recognition evidence is on the rise. This article will consider the relevant authorities, the ACPO Guidelines and PACE Code D, which together govern this form of evidence. Put simply, recognition evidence is the assertion by a police officer that they know an individual captured by CCTV, or still images, in the commission of an offence. This kind of evidence is potentially very dangerous, and, as such is only right that its use should be rigorously scrutinised and subject to strict regulation. This issue is common to a great many cases, but can be illustrated by the following example.”

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One Inner Temple Lane, 23rd April 2013

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