Only smarties have the answer – collective cabinet responsibility and the sale of Rowntree Mackintosh – Panopticon

Posted October 24th, 2012 in freedom of information, government departments, news, takeovers by sally

“The question of whether the convention on collective cabinet responsibility operates, in effect, as a trump card in the FOIA context has been considered in a number of tribunal cases (see further for example the Lamb case concerning a request for disclosure of the Iraq war cabinet minutes and the Cabinet Office case concerning cabinet discussions over the Westland takeover (‘the Westland case’)). Last week, in Cabinet Office v IC, the First-Tier Tribunal handed down a decision in which it reconfirmed the principle that the convention, whilst undoubtedly an important consideration in the FOIA context, does not create any absolute bar against disclosure.”

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Panopticon, 23rd October 2012